Long History. Fresh Approach

While we learn from our history, we remain relevant to our clients through our fresh approach.

Organizational performance is a function of the achievements garnered from its people and processes 

APEX Global specializes in driving excellence in people through upskilling.

Built on 20 years of experience in consulting and training, APEX Global’s upskilling interventions have evolved from classroom training to eLearning content design to blended delivery, and finally managing organizational learning.

Our deep functional knowledge, breadth of experience from across sectors, and the value of being trainers ourselves, helps us stand out from ‘tools and technology centric’ learning providers – this reflects in the experience we provide.

While we learn from our history, we remain relevant to our clients through our fresh approach.

Experience Excellence




Learning is an Experience

Our purpose for existence is to help learners and organizations experience excellence. While it starts from the action of attracting learners to the content, it defines what learners assimilate, apply and achieve.

Keeping up with the Learning Models

From the traditional 70-20-10, to the modern OSF ratio of 55-25-20, this helps us ensure organizations achieve the returns they need from our learning interventions. We make this possible through a ‘value triad’ that focuses on – content, creativity, and customer success.

Customer Success



Partner to Prosper

We believe in Co-Creation

Whether we are involved in developing the learning strategy, lending a hand in implementing the organization’s learning plan, rolling out a learning platform, or merely executing a content design job, we don’t just follow a process but we immerse and co-create to achieve the desired outcomes. Our partnership with leading industries and like-minded technology partners make our learning solutions stand out and address the needs of modern organizations.

Clients who trust us

We believe in direct collaboration with our clients is essential in bringing unique and engaging Communication and Learning experiences to life.  Here are some organizations that trust us with their creative design and development needs: