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Blended Learning

The mode of learning delivery influences design!
Organizations do not stick to a singular learning mode – neither can content designers. We customize learning content based on delivery mode, learner profile, expected learning outcomes, and business needs.

Our approach to content design is grounded on three pillars that mind the learner, learning environment, and subject matter.

Instructional design

Driven by the purpose of learning, instructional design principles dictate the early stage of analysis and content design to ensure a meaningful learning experience

Media and visual design

Content creates impact when good instructional design meets delightful visual design, accounting for the learner, medium, subject, and environment


Whether delivered on-demand or administrated as a cohort, engagement fosters application and adoption. Through relevant interactions we ensure engagement

Our interventions to content design are varied - some of the common strategies we execute include:


Game-based approach motivates learning and practice while making learning fun


Manage modern day challenges of distractions and multi-tasking via Video learning interventions


Scenarios help learners know the impact of their choices and learn from mistakes in a safe environment


Short learning events address learning gaps on demand and at the best time for learners


Branching Simulations fosters exploration of various decision-making paths to get the desired outcomes

Here are some common learning interventions we have custom designed for some of our clients

We make this viable through a host of capabilities that our clients choose from based on their needs



Assessment Design

Graphics and Animation

Video Production

VO/Sound Editing


Cross-Platform Deployment

Performance Support

Project Management

Clients Who Trust Us

We believe in direct collaboration with our clients is essential in bringing unique and engaging Communication and Learning experiences to life.  Here are some organizations that trust us with their creative design and development needs: