Learning Platforms of Today – LMS, LXP, and Hybrid Solutions

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The learning landscape has transformed immensely in the last 2 years, wherein non-traditional learning platforms have become more widely accepted – even preferred by companies.

It’s imperative that employees are not only job-ready but also skilled to be effective members of the organization. While companies can provide training for learning and development, there are many factors that need to be considered to ensure its efficacy.

The way people learn is no longer limited to one platform, strategy, or model, which are factors that companies should take into consideration in developing their learning content. Of course, it’s also equally important to understand that employees’ learning capabilities also vary depending on the topic. 

It is extremely important to have a good understanding of each platform’s advantages and disadvantages to determine the right learning platform for your organization. As learning platforms have evolved in recent years, they are able to provide better solutions for a wider number of needs.

Here is an overview of the different types of learning platforms that companies are using in conjunction or on its own.

  • Learning Management System (LMS) – is designed to enable learning administrators to design and select content for formal training like onboarding, internal training, as well as instructor-led training for employees. This kind of platform is common for live training requirements and traditional formats for courses. 
  • Learning Experience Platform (LXP) – this learning software is designed to provide employees with a more personalized learning experience. It helps them discover more opportunities for learning by putting together various learning content from different content providers. LXP makes this wealth of information highly accessible through a number of digital platforms like desktop applications and mobile applications. 
  • LMS – LXP (hybrid) – working side by side, the hybrid solution provided by the LMS – LXP learning platform is very advantageous for organizations. One common challenge with LMS is that while it may offer great content, companies are not assured how many people are able to reach this information or access it. Making use of LXP can help your company with that. An effective LXP will be able to seamlessly combine content for formal learning with informal learning. As LXP is designed to be used daily, incorporating your LMS content with your LXP content will give the former better exposure. Engagement will also increase.

A hybrid learning platform is very advantageous and can help companies to get better insights on how to best support their employees’ training. Through it, they will be able to have a better understanding of what works and what needs to be improved and their efforts won’t go to waste.

APEX Global offers an effective hybrid solution through our learning and skilling suite, Disprz. It is designed to keep your company ahead of disruption and change once embedded into your business.

Disprz key objectives:

  • Low-touch, high-scale onboarding
  • Role-based skills benchmarking
  • Frontline enablement
  • Skilling for business performance

Disprz can help your company achieve these through its learning and skilling suite features.

What Disprz provides:

  • Skills Architect
  • Learning Xperience Platform 
  • Learning Management System +
  • Learning Content

Through ease of communication, on-demand learning content, time for productive work, and ease in onboarding employees and learners, Disprz has helped companies boost the overall morale of their organizations.

What Disprz helps companies achieve:

  • Reduce onboarding time in half
  • Achieve 80+% adoption in 100 days of rollout
  • Improve workforce productivity by 50%

Disprz highlights:

  • On-demand integrations
  • Custom analytics engine
  • White-labeled interface 
  • Industry-role benchmarking
  • Future skills visibility
  • AI-driven learning technology
  • Social and gamified learning
  • Microlearning modules
  • Mobile learning
  • Content authoring tool
  • Diverse content formats
  • Flexible workflow

Employee training need not be tedious. Adopting the right learning platform for your company will not only help you streamline the flow of information.  It also helps to better facilitate training and enhance how employees absorb and apply new knowledge and skills to their work roles. This leads to scalable results. Making use of a hybrid solution like Disprz will make training more efficient and cost-effective as it helps you achieve your desired results.

APEX Global is the official Philippine partner of Disprz for sales and implementation. Learn more about Disprz here. You may also request for a demo to help you understand how it will be implemented.